Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Our Favorite Tweets of the Week

We're very active on social media here at J Vineyards and absolutely love seeing what you're Tweeting about our wines out there (especially your food and wine pairing ideas). 

First off, we just have to point out the gorgeous Instagram shot above by Vino Votary, who celebrated International Champagne Day on October 26th with some of our J Brut Rosé

An inspired food and wine pairing idea came from Angelina Lopez, who had us looking around for good peach sauce recipes to pair with roast pork shoulder and our 2011 California Pinot Gris

By the way, Smitten Kitchen's Peach Sauce with Nutmeg goes beautifully with Angelina's pairing. The presence of nutmeg brings an autumnal dimension to the dish that pairs beautifully with the wine's Fuji apple notes.

Next up among our favorite Tweets, Stryker Sonoma — another fan of J Brut Rosé — reminded us of how delicious it is with scallops.

We enthusiastically agree with Stryker and recommend trying the J Brut Rosé with a straightforward garlic and butter preparation of the scallops. Heaven. The Rosé's crisp citrus notes are just so perfect with the buttery, decadent goodness of the scallops. Yum.

Finally, we were happy to see that our 2010 J Pinotage was named one of the "most surprising" wines of the night by Sommelier Arthur Hon of Michelin-rated Sepia in Chicago. We take that as a compliment from a restaurant that specializes in inventive cuisine! 

Want to share your thoughts about J wines? Just Tweet something with @jwinery or #jwinery in it, so we're sure to spot it out there. Cheers!


Angelina M. Lopez said...

Thank you so much for the mention! Love J Vineyards' wines and philosophy. That recipe is a long-cooking but simple one from Cooks Illustrated. The salty richness of the pork and the sweet smokiness of the sauce made that Pinot Gris sparkle on the tongue!

Shannon from J Vineyards said...

Thanks so much, Angelina! We loved reading your comment and the sauce sounds delicious. Best, The J Team