Monday, July 2, 2012

Harvest is Coming, Harvest is Coming!

It Takes a Wine Village to make every bottle of inspired J, especially during harvest.  We are so appreciative of our adoring J Fans that we want to share the hard-working J Harvest Team Members that bring your favorite bottles of J to your table for sharing with family and friends.
J Team Member: Heriberto
Position at J: Cellar Worker
Years working on the J Team: One
Favorite J Wine: Pinot Gris

Heriberto —or “Berto”, as we know him best—has been on the J Team for just over a year now. According to fellow coworkers, Berto is the one everyone looks to for motivation to finish the job after a long day at work.  He’s best known on the J Team for his happy and kind-hearted personality.

Berto is first and foremost a family man so, when he’s not working at J, he’s spending lots of time with his wife and kids at home. He loves attending his kids’ soccer games and going to their favorite post-game family dinner spot: Olive Garden.

Berto says, “I’m really interested in the winemaking process as a whole. There’s so much that goes into making one bottle of J wine and it’s especially rewarding to see the product of all of our hard work!”

Berto joined our Team because he enjoys the work environment at J; he says, “everyone I work with here is so friendly and that makes coming to work in the mornings much easier.” He’s a big fan of the lunch break because he likes to “take time to relax and prepare for the second half of the day”.

Berto is excited about this year’s harvest because he’ll be dealing with more grapes and more responsibilities.

We love you, Berto!!

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