Thursday, June 21, 2012

Harvest is Coming, Harvest is Coming!

It Takes a Wine Village to make every bottle of inspired J, especially during harvest.  We are so appreciative of our adoring J Fans that we want to share the hard-working J Harvest Team Members that bring your favorite bottles of J to your table for sharing with family and friends. 
J Team Member: Edilberto (aka Eddie)
Position at J: Cellar Worker
Years Working on the J Team: Four
Favorite J Wine: Nicole’s Vineyard Pinot Noir
Eddie’s  two top priorities when working in the cellar are quality and improvement. He’s been passionate about winemaking since his first day at J. We consider ourselves incredibly lucky to have him on our team because Eddie is, as many coworkers and friends describe him, one the most hardworking and respectful guys out there. Eddie says his favorite aspect of working at J is that “as a team, we are all looking to make improvements for our employees and customers”. 
When Eddie is not working hard in the cellar, he’s usually at home watching movies with his wife. He LOVES comedy movies of all sorts and also spends a good portion of time playing for his soccer team which competes in a local Sonoma County league.
Eddie is very excited for this year’s harvest because he wants to see (or taste, rather) the outcome of all of his and his coworkers’ hard work. Eddie says “we’ve made a lot of great improvements this year and I can’t wait to taste the result.”
Eddie, we’re honored to have you on our team for the fourth year and we look forward to many more years to come!!
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