Monday, October 20, 2008

Wine Spectator Calls J's Visitor Center One Of America's Finest Tasting Salons.

“A lot of people look for the free tasting, but this is an experience,” Jim Matthews, a guest of J's Bubble Room, recently told Tim Fish of The Wine Spectator.

Tim's article in the November 15th issue paints J's Bubble Room as one of the finest tasting salons to experience luxury wine and food, emphasizing how "making that personal connection is more important than ever for wineries. It helps to build the brand."

He goes on to assert that tasting salons "are increasingly becoming significant places to make direct sales" and how making a personal connection is more important than ever.

You can read an excerpt by clicking here or pasting the link below into your web browser:

Tim's full article is available to online Wine Spectator subscribers by clicking here.

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