Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Reaching Out in the Aftermath of Hurricane Sandy

Today at J Vineyards we're thinking of our many friends in the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast regions as they cope with the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, especially the millions of people who are without power.

If you live in an unaffected region of the United States, we encourage you to make a charitable donation to the American Red Cross for disaster relief today. You can donate online here and here are some other ways to contribute, including by phone and text. 

Red Cross is also urging immediate blood donations to support the needs of those affected by Hurricane Sandy and has a web page where you can book an appointment in your area

It's within your power to help people affected by this disaster, so please do your part today.


Gary Sterman said...

Nice idea! As a former J Club member who had to give it up after moving to Massachusetts, your thoughts are appreciated. We didn't lose power so our bottles of 1098 and various late harvest vintages are safe!

Shannon from J Vineyards said...

Thanks so much, Gary for your comment. We're so glad you're alright and thanks for reaching out! Stay safe.