Monday, October 22, 2012

Our Localicious Cheese & Charcuterie Menu Featuring Friend in Cheeses Jams

October is American Cheese Month and we're here to tell you: cheeses never knew they had such a friend as the vibrant array of condiments we serve with our cheese and charcuterie menu, all from Friend in Cheeses Jam Co in Santa Cruz, California.

The genius idea of Friend in Cheeses is to make locally sourced jams especially to eat with cheese such as their delicious Chow Chow  a mix of nuts and berries in a honey base with a bit of bourbon thrown in for good measure. (It's basically everything that tastes good with cheese.) Yum

Then there's Friend in Cheeses' Rosie's Hip Jelly, a sublime mix of Santa Cruz rose hips and lemongrass with orange peel, ginger root, and a hint of cinnamon. We also serve their FIC's carrot Marmalade  a delectable mix of earthy, tart, and sweet flavors. These are all simply fabulous with cheese. You really must experience it. 

Since it's American Cheese Month, we should also mention our cheese and charcuterie menu features three great American cheeses: buttery cow's milk Carmody from California's Bellwether Farms, nutty goat's milk Cabecou from the renowned Laura Chenel, and smoky Oregon Blue Vein from Rogue Creamery. (The menu also features Idiazabel from Spain and silky Robiola Rocchetta from Italy.) 

Our artisanal cheese and charcuterie menu is available as an add-on to our Legacy Tasting — a seated tasting experience you'll enjoy in one of our Legacy reserve rooms.  The Legacy Tasting is $30 per person per flight or $10 for Club J members at the Signature level (complimentary for Experience, Elegance, and Luxe levels.) See the current tasting menu or make a reservation here

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