Wednesday, October 3, 2012

"It's like being in another world of food and wine." Grape Camp Visits J Vineyards

J Founder & President Judy Jordan Toasts the Grape Campers
Yesterday J Vineyards hosted a unique group of 34 highly educated wine lovers for a special tour and tasting. The tour was a part of Grape Camp a three-day immersion program offered by Sonoma County Winegrowers

Part education, part vacation  Grape Camp is a fascinating deep dive into the world of wine and how it's made. Participants spend three days learning from master winemakers and vineyardists, taking insider tours of wineries and getting hands-on experience from picking and sorting grapes to blending wine by hand. The program is designed to be both informative and relaxing, so educational segments are punctuated by delicious meals in special locations throughout Sonoma. At the end of each day, participants unwind at the Applewood Inn

Yesterday Grape Campers were met at the front door by J Founder and President Judy Jordan and VP of Winemaking Melissa Stackhouse then gave our visitors a tour and tasting. Afterward, everyone headed to lunch at Relish Culinary School in Healdsburg. 

J Winemaker Melissa Stackhouse Chats with the Grape Campers
People who participate in Grape Camp rave about it. One participant said, "No book, no magazine article can capture what the experience is really like." Another described it as an "incredible line-up of first-rate venues and hosts. I really felt like a special insider." 

The 2012 Grape Camp did sell out, so if you're considering participation, we recommend booking your spot early!

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