Monday, September 17, 2012

Our (Localicious) Harvest Party Line-up

Our annual Harvest Party is rapidly approaching and we're so excited about the line-up of local food merchants who will be in the house for this year's event. Come experience the deliciousness with us!

Friend in Cheeses Jam Company. Lavender plum jelly. Lightly spiced Pinot cherries. Dark, earthy-sweet onion jam. Tart carrot marmalade. The Friend in Cheeses Jam Company is one of our favorites because of the joyous, deeply creative approach it brings to artisan food. They make outrageously delicious concoctions you won't find anywhere else. 

Jimtown Store. Oh, Jimtown Store. How do we count the ways? As the New York Times recently discovered, this casually stylish rural gem manages to be the soul of authenticity and the pinnacle of wine country cuisine. With items like spicy pepper jam, espresso brownies, and their special fig & olive condiment, the Jimtown spread is always full-flavored, earthy, and irresistible. If you haven't experienced the sensibilities of Founder Carrie Brown and Chef Peter Brown yet, harvest season is the time!

Whole Vine.  You know how wine's character can be distinguished by a varietal? Well, so can oil. Whole Fine takes grape vines and uses them to make beautifully rich and complex culinary oils like their incredible Riesling Seed Oil with traces of Argan and Hazelnut. We use this as a garnish on a wide range of dishes from seafood to cheese. A "game changer." 

Bernier Farms.
Bernier Farms grows "just about everything," but we're especially fond of their incredible garlic. Roast a head in the oven, smear on crusty bread, and enjoy with a bottle of J Chardonnay. It's heaven on earth. Bernier is simply one of our favorite sources for top-notch, sustainably grown Sonoma County produce.  

Merchants Millers. This is the good stuff. And we mean, the really good stuff. Merchants and Millers are known for their award-winning olive oils, vinegar, sea salts, and honeys all crafted with old-world sensibilities but packaged with gorgeously modern, new world style. Their Meyer lemon olive oil and pomegranate vinegar, in particular, are out of this world.

Sufficiently tantalized? Good! Get your tickets for our Harvest Party and experience all this with us, and more including an array of peak season appetizers thoughtfully paired with our award-winning sparkling and varietal wines.

What: The J Vineyards & Winery Annual Harvest Party 
When: Saturday, Sept. 22nd. 11:00AM to 1:30PM or 2:00PM to 4:30PM
Where: J Vineyards, 11447 Old Redwood Highway Healdsburg, CA 11447 
Cost: $45 per person / $35 for Club J Members 

To buy tickets, call (707) 431-5479 or buy tickets online

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