Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Harvest is Coming, Harvest is Coming!

It Takes a Wine Village to make every bottle of inspired J, especially during harvest.  We are so appreciative of our adoring J Fans that we want to share the hard-working J Harvest Team Members that bring your favorite bottles of J to your table for sharing with family and friends.

J Team Member: Eric
Position at J: Production Worker
Years working on the J Team: 2 Years
Favorite J Wine: J Brut Rosé

Eric expressed that he loves the wine business, “J is my first wine job so I never knew how much work goes into making wine.  I find it amazing that it takes such a large crew of passionate people, from harvesting the grapes, carefully blending and fermenting the wine, and lastly bottling the distintive J wines.
Eric may sometimes be a bit quiet but his J team members like his style, Eric says, “I focus on getting my work done well every day, so I don’t  spend much time with chit chat, but that is okay as my team members appreciate that I always handle my work load very well with a smile.”
“J is one of the coolest places to work, I love it here”, says Eric.  Eric’s dad has been working at J for 15 years now, “It was because of my dad that started getting me interested in the wine business as he always talked about the various job responsibilities he had on a daily basis and they all sounded very cool, so I applied at J two years ago and I am loving every minute of it.” 
When Eric is not working at J, you will probably find him fishing, Eric says, “I was pretty much born with a fishing pole in my hand.  My dad and I share a great aspiration for fishing as we take many family trips to the Klamath River, which is one of our favorite places the fish.  My second favorite place to fish is the Russian River, which is located directly behind the winery.”  Eric also spends his free time gaming, “I love the Xbox, it is my favorite gaming source for playing games on-line, and I meet and compete with people around the world which is very cool.”
Eric says, “I love the flexibility of my job in the production department as we have the opportunity to rotate positions on the bottling line so I am able to learn all of the machines, which makes my day much more interesting.  I am very excited about our new screw capper for the J California Pinot Gris; it is an impressive machine to operate as it is highly efficient, a very hip machine.”
Eric is a valued J team member, he has the sweetest demeanor and always reliable.  So when you are opening your bottle of J wine, keep in mind that Eric had a significant role in the final touches to your special bottle of J wine.  Cheers!
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