Friday, February 5, 2010

Better Living with Adrienne - on J Wines & the J Bubble Room Experience

Adrienne Soresi talks about her visit to J Vineyards & Winery and her elegant experience in the J Bubble Room. She was quite impressed with the attention to detail with the wine, glassware and service during her Bubble Room Tasting and how J is such an impressive winery.

Joining Adrienne is Adam Stromfeld of Joe Canal's Liquor sharing a bit of J history and his views on our premium wines.

“Better Living with Adrienne” is a daily feature highlighting all of the things we do in life...except learning how to do them Better. Adrienne explores topics like design, community events, wine, etiquette, being organized, parenting, real estate, and environmentalism. Adrienne's energy and curiosity keeps all of us laughing! You're going to do it, so why not do it Better? That's Better Living!

"Better Living with Adrienne” J Vineyards & Winery Video Link:

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